Beating an addiction

Beating an addiction: the continung recovery process

Each day is a new challenge for a person with an addiction. Here are tips for staying clean:

Don’t Substitute One Addiction for Another Ð Addictive behavior is easily transferred. If you’re recovering from alcohol addiction, beware of other addictive behaviors which might serve to fill the void.

Take Good Care of Yourself — Eat a balanced diet, get plenty of rest and take time out to do other things you enjoy.

Beware of “Cross Addiction” — The temptation and tendency to trade an addiction to one mood altering drug for another is common. Therefore, you must abstain from all mood altering drugs.

Develop New Interests and Relationships — Join a club, start a new hobby — find activities and friends that will help you stay away from whatever you’re addicted to.

Express Your Feelings — If something is bothering you, talk to a friend, relative or professional counselor about it.

Ask For Help Whenever You Need It — Many people, including family and friends, want you to succeed in your recovery from addiction. Don’t be afraid to ask for help.

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