Krishan K. Gupta, M.D.

    Headed by Dr. Krishan Gupta, the team of experienced professionals at The Ridgewood Clinics provides confidential, comprehensive evaluations and treatment to individuals suffering from emotional, physical or mental illnesses on a outpatient basis.

Susan Fisch Snyder

    Provide counseling to individuals, families and groups in a private, small clinic setting. I work with children, adolescents, families, and adults. Referrals are given for emergency inpatient care at a local inpatient facility as needed. Conduct mini mental status exams for elderly patients, or general population clients, as requested by the psychiatrists in our practice.

Tanita Martin

    Case Management Individual, Group and Family Counseling Crisis Assessment and Intervention Stress, Anger and Anxiety Management Psychosocial/Needs Assessment Coping and Life Skills Education Risk Prevention/Reduction Policy Assessment and Evaluation

Noelle Shannon Knight

    Noelle Knight is a mental health care provider with experience in management of psychiatric programs and counseling patients in a private practice setting. Specific responsibilities have included: • Individual and Family/Marital Counseling, including adults and children • Geri - Psychiatric Program Management • Group Therapy • Working in an Interdisciplinary Team • Budgeting, Planning, and Developing Policies and Procedures

Leslie Claire Corbitt Tyler

    Built and sustained rapport with clients, provided counseling and psycho-education to facilitate optimal quality of life. Conducted comprehensive psychosocial assessments and formulated treatment plans. Taught adult anger management techniques, relaxation skills, impulse control, social skills, coping skills, and functional living skills.

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